3d Analyzer Settings For BIA- Brother In Arms PC gaming news

PC gaming news: 3D Analyzer Settings For BIA- Brother In Arms PC Game

        PC games today are very popular. Every one want to play high end games on their PC. But with the growing technology the requirements for the games is not full filled by our old PC and to enjoy the new advanced games we have to upgrade our computer system. But PC up-gradation is not easy. It needs a lot of bucks to make the system PC to full fill the requirements of modern games.

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       But as we know there are some software like 3D ANALYZER which can emulate the high resource requirement games and make them to run a computer without a graphic card. So if you want to play high end games without any graphic card, download 3d emulator that is  download 3D ANALYZER.

        PC gaming news 3d analyzer settings.

     Every games has its own requirement. So first you have to check out the game requirement from the website from where you downloaded the game or from the game cd pack. Now set the 3d analyzer according to the game requirements that your onbord graphic card can not provide. For example you can emulate open GL options, skip pixel shader, set hardware limits, direct x options and you can also give the graphic card value given on the 3d analyzer so that the game console thinks that you have a compatible graphic card in your PC.

    3D analyzer setting for Brother in arms Road to Hill

3D analyzer setting for Brother in arms Road to Hill
PC gaming news

    To set the values for BIA in 3d analyzer, you have to check emulate other DX8.1 caps, emulate pixel shader caps and emulate max sim textures in hardware limits(cap bits).

   Now move to performance and tick the disable texture option.

   Then go to performance option and tick the force SW Tnl.

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   Now select run and thats it you can play bia on your intel graphic card without buying new graphic card.

         If you are facing any problem with 3d analyzer settings for this game do drop your comment. I will help you.
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