Add Touch Keyboard Screen Touch Windows 8

Add touch keypad on the task bar in Windows 8

Embedded Windows 8 has two types of keyboards in it, it is the on-screen keyboard and touch keyboard in Windows 8. Screen keyboard is more or less the same as in Windows 7, but the touch keyboards is a new feature in Windows 8.

Touch key board in Windows 8 is designed to provide an experience without compromise. It was not only optimized for the fingers, but it is good to use make with the mouse. The new key in a manner that meets the needs of the user, and it works well designed with different form factors.

Starting the touchpad is a bit of a task, it does not appear in the search results. So I'm here with a guide on how to solve and add the touch key-pad again in the taskbar of Windows 8 for quick access.

         First switch to the desktop by clicking on the tiled floor office the home screen.
Here you have the right of the taskbar and choose Toolbars.
Once you touch keyboard, a keyboard like the symbol on the right side of the taskbar. This is it.To start touchpad is all you have to do is click on this icon.

Tactile keyboards are very useful for laptop users or even office shelves / touchscreen support Windows 8 Even for non-touch, it would be helpful if the keyboard does not work.
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