How to install and create a new wizard Wizard101

How to install and create a new wizard Wizard101

Wizard101 is one of the most popular online games in the world of RPG where you play as a wizard to cast spells to defeat powerful enemies. Come to the magic of fun creating the game and create your own wizard through this quick-play MMO.

Demand system requirements

First, ensure that your PC can reach to handle the game, meet or exceed the system requirements. Wizard101 does not run natively on Mac, then you need an application that you run Cross Over Games. Wizard 101 can download on a Mac support.

Creating a new character

To create a new character in Wizard101, click on "Play Now" in the upper Wizard101 game page and go to a four-step wizard.

Step 1: Choose a gender

The first step will be asked to choose a genre. The choice of a boy or a girl, an avatar is Wizard101 not affect your overall performance.

Step 2: Pick a name

The second step is to write a name and the name of his assistant. Unlike other MMORPG titles Wizard101 can not write what comes to your mind, you can choose from a preselected list. But there is more than enough to choose for you.

Step 3: Choose a school of magic

The third step is a questionnaire. Depending on how to respond to this questionnaire, your new assistant will be a primary school of magic.

After answering the survey, a school of magic will be. If you are not satisfied with the result, click on "Choose a different school," to go to another school, there are seven primary schools of magic, each unique charm -. Fire, storm, ice, death, life, myth and balance. Once you have decided on a school at the end, click on the Next button on the head at the end of the process of character creation.

Step 4: Complete Player Profile

In the fourth and last step is to fill out a brief profile. You need their age, user name, password and e-mail. Click the "Finish" button to complete the creation of the character. You will then be prompted to download and install the game Wizard101 will.

Download, install and patch the game

After completing the profile form, you will be asked! "Play for FREE" button Button. This will allow you to download InstallWizard101.exe program. Run this program on your computer Wizard101. The installation will take more than a few minutes, then you will get to the login page.

Please enter your user name and password. Wait until the update patch will be open until the end, then voila! Lights "Play" button at the bottom right corner of the screen. Click "PLAY!" enter the world of Wizard101 and begin an epic adventure with your created character wizard.
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