Hot Gadgets: Best Modern Gadgets For high Tech Homes and Cars

Hot Gadgets: Best Modern Gadgets For high Tech Homes and Cars. The best gadgets for the best home tech and a more elegant car. When the smartphone is smart enough, what's next? Smart capabilities are being incorporated into devices in different categories now. Here are reviews of some of the best new tech gadgets, accessories and smart gadgets.

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Blaupunkt Android Entertainment in the Automobile Rs 34,990

Some cars have DVD players and screens built in - but for most, this is something that you will have to add if you wish. It can be a daunting task - wiring breaks, pulling out the seat, opening the dashboard for a power connection, etc. If you do not want any of that, but still want a colour screen, Blaupunkt has the solution. It is a standalone entertainment system powered by Android and you only need a power supply from the typical 12V power outlet of your car. Think of it as an Android tablet, but purpose built for use in the car. It comes with a universal headrest bracket that fits almost any car with a removable headrest. On the side is a micro SD slot and USB port - just charge your media and you can see instantly.

Since it uses Android, you can download applications for it (or sideload them), surf the web, check your email, sync your calendar and so on. You need an internet connection for all this, which can be a WiFi hotspot on your phone. The only drawbacks are weak speakers (weaker than most phones and laptops). Fortunately, you can plug in any 3.5mm headset, use Bluetooth headsets or listen to your car's speakers with an auxiliary connection. It works great if you travel frequently for long distance or if you have kids in the car on a regular basis.

Nuovotec Smart Mirror Rs 39,999 and up

Today, everything revolves around multitasking and convergence. While the small smartphone you put in your pocket is a marvel of engineering, what about the humble mirror on your wall. The Indian company Nuovotec plans to start selling these smart mirrors soon (the preorders are on). Behind a two-way mirror, they have placed a colour screen, added a tactile infrared system and a mini-computer powered by Linux. Once you download the application, you can authorise the mirror to work with your Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, YouTube, Uber and Calendar.

It also shows you the current weather and allows you to catch up with the latest news snippets. And, obviously, it can still be seen very clearly. The disadvantages are that the design is not water resistant, which means it is not possible to place it in a bathroom. It is also incredibly heavy, so you need to be professional wall mounted for the best effect. And finally, the enclosure seems to weaken the WiFi reception, so it should be within 6 feet of a WiFi router. You can get it in different sizes - the 24-inch is Rs.39.999, the 32-inch is Rs.49.999 while a huge 55-inch size will set you back Rs.89.999.

Sensy Remote Rs 1,199

When you sit down to watch a little TV with the family, there are usually some problems. What is it, what is it, in what channel is XYZ, where is the remote?

What if your smartphone was all you needed to take your TV viewing experience to the next level? So there are two sides to Sensy's story: one is the small, inexpensive piece of hardware. It is a battery-powered wireless infrared transmitter that you can place in your room. The next is the application - but not just an application to control the IR emitter - that's what the "semantics" of the TV sets for you. You tell him what TV and set top box you have and the application gets going. You are probably wondering how it is different from the usual electronic program guide (EPG) that most set-top boxes already have.

For starters, there is voice search - just ask what you want - channel, show movie name, genre, agent and so on. And second, learn from what you look at and suggest what to look at next. You can also use the voice to mute the TV or jump to a channel. Sensy AA batteries will last about 6 months. The only drawbacks: it does not control any other device yet (support for ACs and audio receivers coming) and will not work on decoders that use RF remote controls (like Airtel Digital TV, Videocon DTH ).

My Router Rs 1,199

It's one of the things in the house that you never look at - the humble wireless router. Adjusting and configuring one of these is best left to the geeks among us. But Xiaomi says no, it should be as simple as a few taps on your smartphone. All you need to do is connect the Router Mi through an Ethernet cable to your ISP's modem router and automatically pick up all the necessary configurations. Give your WiFi a name and a password in the application and it is ready to use.

You can get a notification every time you connect a device. It shows you a list of all devices connected to the amount of bandwidth they are consuming. You can quickly enable guest networks, block any device, set up white lists on the website blacklist and restrict access (parental control). And one of the trickiest things -changing channels to improve coverage is automatically handled with a feature called WiFi Boost. The downside is that it is a budget router, so there is no USB port for hard disks or printers. And you'll still need to pair it with your existing modem (not a modem + router).

Carnot Vehicle Tracker Rs 5,199

It is true that many people do not like to make modifications to their car, especially the electric type. But again, a car is a great investment and you need to keep it safe. At the intersection of these two interests is something like Carnot - it is a universal GPS + GSM tracker vehicle that does not need cabling or modification. You can install it yourself in a minute or two. Carnot is a small dongle that fits into the onboard diagnostic port (OBD) of your car - each car now has one usually somewhere near the driver's side footwell. Once you get the app and tell you what car you have, it will guide you to the location of your car's OBD port.

Plug it in and you're good to go! The price you pay in advance includes one year of GSM SIM charges - you pay, you pay annual charges which usually total 2,400 per year. The OBD port provides power to Carnot and also serves with diagnostic information. It is the same port where service centres connect their diagnostic equipment. In your application, you can see where your car is on a map, configure geo compositions, analyse your trips, set alerts, get free road assistance (includes one year of this service), view basic diagnostic information (error codes) and so. If you ever have to ship your car for warranty repairs, just take Carnot.

Airtel Digital TV A Rs 4,999

The new Airtel set top box has many facets! It is a standard HD decoder (with recording, pause and rewind) and full media box (complete with Android applications, web browsing, screen playback and USB media playback). It's powered by Android, so it gives you access to apps, Google Play Music, Movies and TV, Games and YouTube. The remote that comes with is smart. It has Bluetooth (for Airtel) and Infrared (to control any TV).

It also has a microphone to help you search. There is also a complimentary application (Airtel Gamepad). As long as your phone is on the same network, it gives you a second remote control, keyboard to enter text (as in a web browser) and a gamepad to play. Live TV plays in the background while a menu with TV guide, games, applications, settings, a dedicated Netflix section and Android Home appear as an overlay. You can see the thumbnails of what you are playing and jump instantly to it (or record). You also have all the usual STB features of setting reminders, navigating channels by name content type and setting bookmarks.
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