Now You Can Transform Your Phone Wirelessly to 10-inch Tablet With Super screen

Super screen can transform almost any phone into a 10-inch tablet

Superscreen, a 10-inch wireless screen that transforms almost any phone into a full tablet.


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Super screen
It's a 10.1-inch screen that syncs with your smartphone. Once connected, the phone provides power, and you can use all your apps and games on the big screen as if it were a tablet - all at a fraction of the cost of a device like the new 9.7-inch iPad 2017), of course.


Because it has the potential to save hundreds of pounds from homes.

Think about it. You light up your tablet to read a recipe in the kitchen or check your emails while lounging on the couch - all while your equally pricey phone sits in your pocket, unused.

Surely it makes sense to use a set of components for your phone and tablet, rather than duplicate devices? Not only will it save you money, but it will also be good for the environment as you will have to manufacture fewer components.

In fact, if removed, Superscreen has the potential to put tablets out of business.

An additional advantage is that it negates the need for a separate data plan as it uses your phone. So you can get online on the big screen wherever you are, without spending a penny anymore.

How Superscreen works

Download the add-on application to your phone, then sync your phone wirelessly to the Superscreen screen, after which you can use it as a stand-alone tablet, scan and pinch to zoom, play, and do all the things you want Usually would.

Not only that, but the resolution is 2560 x 1600 pixels, which is sharper than a lot of smartphones available today. Scale your content, too, so what's on the screen never looks stretched, enlarged, blurred or cut to the sides.

In addition to using the multitouch, it is compatible with the entries of the pencil so you can get scribbles or scribbles, in case the mood takes you.

The magic is due in part to Superscreen's patent pending technology, which Transcendent Designs, the people behind the project, claims to speak with their phone more efficiently than other standards and offers "industry leading speeds" up to 100 feet Away

In other words, you can leave your phone in another room and continue to use Superscreen.

It works with Android and iOS devices, and manufacturers say it is compatible with 97% of newer smartphones, so you should not have any problems using it.

Because there are minimal innards, it is much lighter than a standalone tablet and has its own camera - a 2-megapixel selfie camera and a 5 megapixel back snapper. (Even if you take pictures with a tablet, you want to have a word with yourself).

It has built-in speakers, too, and - as it's basically a silly screen - uses 70% less battery power than if you were using your phone.

As you can probably already tell, there is much that is worth excited with Superscreen - hell, you can even use Touch ID thanks to its tactile recognition technology.


As always with crowdfunding, there are risks to taking into account.

When you endorse a project, do not buy it as you would with an established retailer. Rather, it is promising financial support to its creators.

Generally, sponsors receive their devices as expected, but in a small minority of cases, the project ends up being cancelled and supporters get nowt, or there are problems of delay.

Transcendent Designs claims to have minimised risks by conducting a "thorough investigation", combined with its "established network of fulfilment and delivery partners, and our decades of combined experience in the marketing of leading products."

It has prototypes of work, but the final model of work will require product certifications, which are out of the hands of the company. He seems to be planning well ahead, with the aim of carrying out these certifications in July, which is way ahead of the expected date of shipment of the device.


Not that we've seen. Asus Padfone had a phone that physically coupled to a screen while several companies have tried to make their smartphone double as a PC thanks to a docking system, particularly Motorola and most recently Samsung with its dock DeX.

If you want the experience of the tablet, but at a fraction of the price and a much lighter device, Superscreen is for you.

Prices start at $ 119 (£ 96), which is very reasonable, considering that the iPad starts at £ 339. Okay, shipping should start in December.
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