Facebook Secrets Facebook Tips and Hacks You Should Know to Become FB Master

Facebook secrets and top facebook tips. Secret Facebook Features: 12 tips and tricks and hacks every facebook user should know. Do you think you are a professional Facebook user? Think again. Of course, Facey-B could dominate the last decade of its online business, but there is a good chance it's still not the best to make from the largest social network in the world. So, put your ego aside and listen, it's time for the lesson to become facebook master.

Facebook Secrets Facebook Tips and Hacks You Should Know to Become FB Master
Facebook Secrets

Believe it or not, Facebook is no longer just the little blue cute little website that displays drunk pictures. Squillions of development hours were put in this thing, fill it with all kinds of facebook secrets that you are not familiar with.


Finding the exact emoji according to the situation is a little bit painful job. Forget exploration without success; When the text has been entered, the corresponding emoji will be inserted into your message when it is sent. For example, when you type :poop:poop emoji is sent. Unfortunately, not all Emoji get shortcuts, but the most popular ones are included in the list.

Other Examples:

Shark (^^^)

Middle Finger [[midfing]]

Not Bad [[notbaad]]

Horny 3:)

2. Unfriend someone without losing their account

if some people annoys you with their nonsense updates you can get rid of their updates without removing them from your friend list. Just do not follow them, instead of leaving them. This will completely stop all nonsense from appearing on your wall.

To do this, press the "Following" button on the Facebook pages of your unwanted friends. There you will see an option for not following them and simply click the unfollow button.

3. Facebook app secret. There is a hidden game of basketball in facebook messenger

Seriously there is a facebook app secret, this is the worst kept secret of Facebook and this is an addictive game. You can play this game and also challenge your friends via the chat window and play that game with your Facebook friends.

It is not something you are likely to stumble into one or the other. To play, you must send your friend an Emoji of basketball and then click on the sports pictogram. This will start the game through your chat, with the scores of the two players registered in the stream.


Do you know that there is a second message inbox for secret messages on Facebook? Correct? I do not think so. It tramples all the messages you get from people who are not part of your group of friends on Facebook.

There are probably many more messages than you expect, you just need to know where to look - it's secret, no traffic after all. To access it, open the Facebook Messenger app and click Settings >> People >> Message Requests >> See Filtered Requests and receive a list of messages in your facebook secret inbox messages.

5. You can still POKE PEOPLE

The preferred function of Facebook - POKE - still lives, really. Who knows, right? This place is not something you are likely to stumble upon. On the friend profile, click "..." next to the "message" tab on their cover photo. This shows a menu, which includes many other things, with the ability to poke your friends.

6. See most updates from your top friend

There is a point that comes into our lives: the day you realize that your Facebook feed is filled with inspiring quotations written by people that you do not like much as well as other sponsored links.

One way to give Facebook stream algorithms kick in the ass starts to highlight your Facebook contacts as "close friends", and "acquaintances". All updates of your close friends appear in your news feed and thus you will get less post from acquaintances. For this simply go to your friend list and mark all your spammers as acquaintances. This will dramatically increase the quality of your news feed.


Facebook has become the best way to keep the birthdays of the people. However, you can get a little too much. If 90% of the alerts on your smartphone are Facebook birthday notifications.

However, you can disable the birthday notifications on your phone. For this go to Settings >> Notifications >> Mobile, you can easily get rid of celebration reminders from there.


There is a function dedicated to the so-called Facebook texts. All you have to do is link a phone to your account, we find that most of you have already done, then send a message "F" to 32665. This will setup your number and then you can send the update SMS to the same number. There are actually many other things that you can do from your phone such as you can get SMS every time that a friend posts some updates.


Yes, you read right. You can download your entire Facebook history including uploaded pics, videos, and tests. But keep it mind the download will be much bigger in size. But if you want to backup all your Facebook history then simply go to Settings and click "Download a copy of your Facebook data" at the bottom of the page.

10. Log-out Facebook remotely

Sometimes we sold our phone or Laptop without logging out from Facebook. If this happens to you don't worry. Here is a Facebook feature via which you can log-out from that device remotely. Actually, Facebook keeps a check of your sign-in devices and lists them in your account. to log-out use the web browser and open your Facebook account and click the drop-down menu at the top-right of the display. Click Settings >> Security >> Where You're Logged In. With this option, you will be able to see all your log-ins devices and you can log-out too for a specific device.


If you have a fixed internet data plan then auto-play video on Facebook can waste your data. to disable auto-playing videos on Facebook go the Facebook Settings menu with your browser. Click the Videos tab and from there you can disable the auto-play video feature.

If you know some other tips facebook, facebook app secret, facebook tips or facebook secret do share us in the comments.
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