Top Google Home Tips and Tricks To Play With Google Home Assistant

Google Home Tips and Tricks. Google Home is not just a speaker with an integrated Google search feature.

With it, you can control your smart home devices, cue up a movie on your TV, replace your desk speakers, and more. To get the most out of your Goole Home, you really need to do a deep dive in the Home application or just play around the device for a while. Luckily for you, we've done both, and we've rounded up a selection of the best tips and tricks to help you master the voice-activated speakerphone in no time.
Google Home Tips and Tricks
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Google Home Assistant Tips and Tricks

Google Assistant is the Google iteration of a personal assistant. It is considered an upgrade or extension of Google Now, as well as an extension of Google's existing "Ok Google" voice controls. It's conversational, too. You can ask a question and follow-up questions, and the wizard will track the conversation, determine the context, and respond audibly with the correct information.

The Google Assistant is a featured feature of the Google Home speaker. You can use it to control Google Home, Pixel devices, as well as third-party devices and services. To help you find out everything the Wizard can do, we've put together some tips and tricks you can find here. However, if you want to learn unique tips or tricks, exclusive or specific to Google Home, read on.

Remember to use a wake word

The Google Assistant responds to two "alert words": "Ok Google" and "Hey Google." Unfortunately, you can not change it from these two sentences. In addition, you must say one every time you want to participate with Google Home (say the phrase, followed by a question or a command).

Adjust settings and preferences

In the Google Home app, slide the menu drawer from the left side of the screen and tap More options.

If you want, you can tap its name after selecting More settings and adding your home address for specific weather and traffic reports. In addition, in the Personal Information menu in the configuration, you can set a nickname that the Wizard will use for you. In Preferences, you can choose a preferred temperature unit. In the News and My Day sections, you select various news sources, while with My Day you can select what details are included when you invite Google Home to tell you about your day. Examples include time, travel time, reminders, etc.

Another way to access the settings: Open the hamburger menu (the three lines in the upper corner) and look for the Devices option. You will see your Google Home listing. From there, open your menu by touching the three dots in the upper left corner and select Settings. Everything you need to adjust or change your Google home is there.

Give Google Home a new name

In the settings, go to Name and, from there, you can change the name of your Google home when and how often.

Connect third-party services

Google Home relies on third-party services to provide you with a richer experience. Think of these services as applications that you can access on the speakerphone. At the launch, Google Home services were limited to Uber. Now the full list of services goes from WebMD to an animal contest. For a full list of supported services, open More options> Services. From there, tap the service you want to connect to your Google Home.

Keep in mind Google Home does not have a candle for Amazon Alexa in terms of connected applications - not yet anyway. But it does play well with Pandora, TuneIn, Google Music, Spotify, YouTube and even Netflix and Uber. You can also use it to control Nest's smart home products, Philips Hue lights, and Smart Things. It also supports Cast so you can use it with Chromecast to send content to your TV.

Using the Google ecosystem

To make the most of Google Home, use other Google products. It is designed to work with products that many people use frequently, such as Google Calendar and Google Keep. When combined with Google Home, you can turn Assistant into a true personal assistant. You can check your schedule, set reminders, add items to your shopping lists, and more - and all with a simple voice command.

Reset Google homepage

To perform a factory reset and restore your Google to a new state, press and hold the microphone button for about 15 seconds. From there, you can link it to a different Google account using the Google Home app. Remember, it does not allow you to configure multiple user profiles.

Restart Google Home

What do you do when a gadget stops working? Resets or restarts. Of course, Google included this in the Home app. Just open the Start application and then select Devices> Menu> Restart. That's.

Touch your way through things

Apart from your voice, you can control Google Home with your touch. Tap the top of the speaker once to wake up your Google start or to pause and play a stream. You can also slide your finger along the circle centered at the top to change the volume.

Mute the microphone

If you want to stop Google Home from "always listening," look for the button on the back of the speaker. It's the only button, and it has a microphone in it. Press and Home will turn off the microphone (four amber lights will illuminate at the top). Press again, and it will tell you that the microphone is on. When activated, Google Home is in listen mode and will listen and respond to your commands.

Can Google that, Google Home is basically

Want to Find a Grocery Store in Sacramento? Do you need to convert ounces into cups? How old is Donald Trump? Have you ever wondered what the capital of Florida is? Google Home can be your assistant and set up an appointment, but it also works as a search engine. Remember, you can also ask follow-up questions. The Google Assistant will always remember the topic or topic in the series of questions.

Check your activity

In More Settings, scroll to the bottom and tap the My Activity option. It will open a website with everything Google Home has recorded (and the Phone Wizard). You can sort by date and time, play exactly what you heard at home, get details and delete them.

Set up guest mode

You can set up a guest mode for anyone to connect to your Google homepage once they enter a four-digit PIN provided by the app.

Casting movies or audio to a TV via Google Home

If you have a Chromecast device, go to More settings in the Google Home app, touch TVs, and speakers, and then touch the plus sign in the lower right corner of the screen. The Google Home app will search for voice-compatible TVs on the same Wi-Fi network as your Google home. From there, you can ask Google Home to play Netflix movies and TV shows or even YouTube videos.

You must connect third-party services, such as Netflix, to your Google account using the Google Home app (Settings> More settings> Videos and photos). After doing this, you can simply say things like "Okay Google, play Netflix's House of Cars on TV." You can also pause Google Play or rewind a minute to something you might have missed.

Cast photos to your TV via Google Home

Google Home can not only control Netflix or YouTube on your TV, you can also control Google Photos, Google's free photo storage service. Simply link your account to the Google Home app in the settings and then say "Ok Google, show me pictures of my pets on TV". The service is able to label and recognize people, things, and places, so it is able to serve intelligently what you ask for.

Down the desktop speakers

Google Cast is created directly in the Chrome browser. So when you click the Cast button in the corner of Chrome, you can search your home device, select it, and then stream audio from your computer through Google Home.

Set your music source

Google Home can play music from various sources such as Play Music, Pandora, Spotify or YouTube Music. To set your default font, head to More settings in the Home application, then choose Music (or choose Music from the sidebar) and link an account and select it as the main font.

Manage a family shopping list

You can add things to your shopping list automatically, which means it will be added to a note in the Google Keep app for iOS or Android, simply saying something like: "Ok Google, add coffee to my shopping list." The list can only be associated with the main account holder.

You can add contributors to this list so they can access it, however; Simply select the three-point button in the right corner of the list, select "contributor" and invite other family members to the list.

Play podcasts

All you have to do to listen to podcasts is to ask. Say "Okay Google, Play This American Life" to hear the latest episode of the series. If you pause, the next time you ask about that podcast, Google Home will retrieve where you left off.

Find your lost phone

Can not find your home? Google Home can locate the device if you connect it to a service called IFTTT. Use this recipe (requires an IFTTT account) so that you can automatically call your number when you say "Ok Google, look for my phone".

Turn off the lights

Google Home can control devices connected to the Internet around your home, such as bulbs like Philips Hue. You can not only turn it on and off but also say things like "Okay Google, Turn Purple Life" to change its color. But Google Home is a voice controlled center for all your smart devices. You can also take advantage of IFTTT Recipes for Getting the most out of the house and its devices, but that is not necessary.

Set an alarm

This may seem obvious, but ... Google's home may replace your alarm clock. Say "OK Google, set an alarm for 5 minutes" or when, and you will hear a nice melody and you will see a circle of lights at the top of Google Home when the alarm goes off.

Listen about your day

You can ask Google Home "tell me about my day" to get an audio report of your calendar, your morning trip, weather and any reminders. You can also customize your report to exclude certain things, such as weather. In the end, you will get a news session. But first, to do some of this, you must connect services like your Google Calendar by setting up the Google Home app.

Google Home Easter Eggs

Are you looking for fun things to do with Google Home? While these are technically Easter Eggs from Google Assistant, you'll find that they really give your Google home some personality:

Say "I feel lucky" to start a multiplayer game.

Say "Give me a random number between (x) and (y)" to hear a random number between the two - with beep sounds to start.

Ask him to "Roll (insert number) -dates aside": he will give you a random number, with sound effects.

Say "(contact name) is my (relationship)" to ask the assistant to associate certain relationship information with a contact for future reference.

Say "Good morning" to listen to a summary of your day's agenda, along with the current weather and the news.

Say "Send a message to (Contact name) on (messaging service like WhatsApp)" to dictate a message to a contact.

Say "Wubba lubba dub dub" so that the Assistant responds with: "Do you have pain? How can I help?" Or "I'm sorry, I do not speak Birdperson" (a reference to the Rick and Morty series).

Say "Beatbox" to listen to a clip of someone beat-boxing.

Say "sing a song" to hear a horrible, short song.

Say "Read a poem" to hear a random poem from Google's search.

Say "Tell Me a Joke" to hear a joke appropriate to Pixar's age.

Say "F *** you" to send an error report.
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