BlackBerry Priv first BlackBerry Android Smartphone launched

BlackBerry Priv, BlackBerry launched new Smartphone officially. BlackBerry Ltd launched its first Android based device on Friday, with the future of the company installing the equipment in a new smartphone called Priv that offers an impressive array of features and an good price.

The company is betting big on Priv curved screen, a full range of Android apps from the Google Play Store and the combination of productivity and security features to rebuild the market share of BlackBerry smartphones, which slipped by less than one percent.

BlackBerry Priv first BlackBerry Android Smartphone price

With piracy and data theft issues a major concern these days, BlackBerry expects strong interest in its role as a pre-installed DTEK, warns users when an application tries to access data or activate the microphone or camera of the phone in background.

"There are most of the android apps preloaded that you can use and the level of access to data impress sincerely", said the head of BlackBerry devices, Ron Louks.

"Wow" factor of smartphone as Louks mentioned is a physical sliding keyboard. While the small number of Android phones are "slider" and they got little success in the market, most of them are outdated and cumbersome, analysts say.

BlackBerry is hoping to navigate its stylish design and touch-sensitive buttons to draw the attention of users with the new BlackBerry Priv android phone.

The first review of the product is mixed, with many praising the long battery backup, good security, long battery life, camera, design double keyboard and other functions, but the high price of BlackBerry Priv $699 without a contract in the United States and $899 without contract in Canada (Approximately Rs 46,100.).

But BlackBerry Priv will become choice of users because of good powerful features, analysts say the device could be a game changer for the company in Waterloo.

"If the Priv - with its premium price of around $ 700 (approx Rs 46,100) becomes a success, it could stimulate significant growth for the company In addition, the smartphone industry has tend, especially in the perception can be driven, and a successful flagship product can improve the brand image of a company and a halo effect around its product line, "said the research firm Trefis, in a note on Wednesday.

BlackBerry rotates, more focus on software services and device management, but they said that they would continue with the hardware when the segment becomes profitable.

What you think about this new BlackBerry Priv android smartphone, will people show intrest to buy BlackBerry Priv or not? Reply us in comments.
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