Apple IPad Pro Release date Pre Order now to get $12 off

IPad Pro release date: New Apple tablet is set for release on 13th November 2015 on Friday. MacMall is taking pre-orders for iPad Pro with  $12 discount on the 32GB WiFi version of Apple iPad Pro.

The long wait for the iPad Pro can quickly be over, but remains to be seen when the tablet actually go supersized.

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First rumors suggested that the iPad Pro would launch 11 November, but the last word of the Cult of Mac is that the tablet release date is delayed but only for two days. Now Apple Ipad pro will launch on November 13.

Somehow the release date seems ideal, especially for the many superstitious people there, since this time it is actually on Friday 13, It should be noted that the supposed release date has yet to be considered as a rumor and unofficial.

In all cases, no matter how long it seems Apple has finally lifted the blanket from this tablet.

With only a few days left, you'd better watch what new rumors about this device have arisen in connection.

For the benefit of those who are not familiar with iPad Pro, a touch screen of 12.9 inch IPS LCD display with 2732 x 2048 pixels resolution, which must be executed on a processor A9X and a 4GB of RAM in the device. It offers up to 128 GB of internal memory and also has a 8-megapixel main camera and a 1.2 megapixel front camera.

The device measures 305.7 x 220.6 x 6.9 mm; It weighs about 713 grams; and it is in gold and silver variants. IPad Pro costs around $799, a bit pricey, but perfect for business people who are looking for a reliable tablet in the market.

In a related note, Sams Club has begun pre-orders for the iPad Pro which is supposed to launch on November 13. A visit to his website today till now show, "not available online."

Another possible website to check is MacMall website which is offering a discount for Apple iPad Pro. They offer the iPad Pro at a price of $12 less for the 32GB version of Wi-Fi version of Ipad in gray, silver and gold color.
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