PC gaming news Nvidia built a great Netflix for gaming service

PC gaming news, Nvidia has built a great "Netflix for gaming service" but unfortunately, almost no one will use that service.

GeForce NOW - the service that you have known as a grid Nvidia long beta - finally see the official launch on October 1, is a fantastic game streaming solution (yes, infinitely better than ever proposed OnLive) providing 1080p/60fps, the different technologies all uses from scratch designed for Nvidia. It is a well designed solution from end-to-end that integrates a low-latency game controller, its Tegra processors GameWorks and an advanced game engine by an army of servers with GeForce GTX built. And yhis new service will cost you for the modest sum of $7.99 per month.

PC gaming news, Nvidia has built a great "for Netflix for gaming service"

Well, if you have a shield device. I'm a fan of Nvidia Shield concept, as it designed to be incredibly powerful, but bulky handheld. It acts as a platform for visionary Android games, but often, well designed in a way to give your PC games from the host computer at handheld devices. The first on the couch or in the bedroom, and later on the Internet. Is later added to a tablet, then "TV Shield" - the passage of the TV concept with a host of new features. On the way, Nvidia has been beta testing a game-streaming service that allows you to stream games from the Internet, low latency, even if you do not have a powerful gaming platform in your homes with GeForce now.

The interesting thing is, shield devices that serve a niche and serve. I've always been a fan. However, it is safe to say that most customers of Nvidia are not using this service.

I asked Nvidia for years, if they could sign the sales figures to share devices, and I politely declined each time. But at all times, its dominant position in the desktop GPU market compared to AMD, we hear (and rightly so). What's with the sign of the turnover in hand next to a Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita? Not too much. Tablet coat compared to the competition? No, I can not find this report. Although we could draw some figures from the recent retreat sign tablet. The Motley Fool puts this number at least 200,000.

Now I want you to think that five years ago, Nvidia shipped a whopping 33 million graphics chips in the world, at a time always denied its lead over AMD. Now that the leadership is important to choose 3 out of 4 players, NVIDIA. None of this is in this argument, however, because they can not enjoy potentially hundreds of millions of players who built the game to Nvidia streaming service from scratch. Try as I might, I can not see the logic in this decision.
Questions frustrating it is that Nvidia has a right spirit GeForce 3 months now so players have a long taste of its own service. Sure, there are only 50 games at the start, but Nvidia has its beta test and will add new games for the service almost every week, and the company promised a growing library.

So, yes, that's a big advantage for owners of existing screening equipment, but is in itself a reason to plunk down? I do not know, and I am still convinced, never say. But what if GeForce was automatically through its application of the GeForce Experience, which is installed next to each video card driver in the GPU desktop and notebook, now available for millions? Place the lap of everyone with an Nvidia card with 3-month trial. Now that it would be useful, and might even make money.

As I am completely stumped years that Nvidia would build and how to test a promising performance (despite a hint of residual works surprisingly well) and then run exclusively for a family of devices that serves mainly niche audience.
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