Linx vision best windows 10 gaming tablet with game controller buttons

Best Windows10 tablet to to play Xbox One video games. The Linx Vision gaming tablet is just like a bargain at £149. Now a days tablets PC are raining in the market with different specs and features, but not many come with a comprehensive Regulatory Dock like the Linx vision. Powered Windows 10 on board you can stream and play game console directly from your Xbox, and thanks to an Xbox controller approved dock included, to play like the real thing too.

Now, you can get all this for £149. Linx vision windows 10 tablet has really affected the level of the attractive price with the vision that we saw before the official CU Exposed preview.

Linx vision best windows 10 gaming tablet with game controller buttons

The vision slides in and out of the controller station with relative ease and yet clings to its place. For the money, it feels very good, with a well-placed controller dock buttons to stream and ply Xbox games. No wonder that it was approved by Microsoft then. However, we do not have the chance to test the streaming of games as this device was not shown in the preview.

Beyond the Xbox, you can also download PC games from Windows Store and Steam, and then play directly on the gaming tablet itself with the touchscreen controller or dock controller, as you like. The 6,000mAh battery on board offers decent capacity and can be recharged easily via microUSB.

However, do not expect the best and all for their money. There is a lot to offer, but the LCD pixels 1280 x 800, while decent in terms of viewing angles but not too much resulation power. The Cherry Trail Atom processor and 2GB DDR3 RAM is not consistent with slot in Linus vision for high end games and this configuration makes it good to play high end PC games at the given resolution.

Of course, other Windows 10 can also stream Xbox one games and download PC games from Microsoft's market, but they are not aligned with the game Controller dock.

Other than having game controlling buttons, there are front and rear cameras, 32GB of internal memory (expandable via microSD card) and all the usual amenities of Windows 10, Cortana, voice control and transfer continuum between desktop, laptop or another system.

The Linx vision will launch soon in October. This prise £149 sounds like a best Christmas surprise, especially if the main TV is often used to stream and play Xbox video games.
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