Netflix for games Nvidia grid free untill july 2015 for pc games

PC gaming news "Netflix for games", Nvidia Service Grid is totally free for shield owners until July 2015.

People of Nvidia gaming center announced a full month early Christmas present for anyone who has a shield products. In addition to announcing the update to Android 5.0 and access to even more steam desktop titles, the new Nvidia Grid-streaming service games are a free preview for all the users of shield up to July 2015.

"Netflix for games", Nvidia Service Grid is totally free for shield owners until July 2015
PC gaming news

Nvidia was desperate to create a niche in the niche, and so far seems to work good. The tablet shield proved a fantastic device that is more than able to compete with other Android tablets out there, be the first non-Nexus device updated to the latest version of Android.

On top of the raw performance and simple user interface, targeted Nvidia fans, video game Player makes it so you can play best quality high end games directly from your PC. In conjunction with the shield controller, the mobile gaming experience that is unsurpassed Nvidia offers combined for video games. Because not everyone has a number of high-end PC for gaming, NVIDIA service network makes it possible to play high end PC games on the non-gaming PC.

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Similar to Sony PlayStation now Service, Nvidia network make it possible to play high end games such as Borderlands 2 with nothing but his shield tablet and an Internet connection. The game itself is recorded and played back through games Nvidia GeForce cloud supercomputer. According to Nvidia, as long as you have a decent Internet connection you will not notice a difference in performance.

Of course, the goal of this free preview is to ensure that errors corrected and all kinds of games are played with a correct version. If the preview proves to be stable, Nvidia will become a powerful gaming service.
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