Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review New Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 full Review

"Samsung galaxy note 3 news." Well your search for, when is samsung galaxy note 3 coming out? ends now. After months of waiting, the amazing Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is finally revealed. Is it possible to live up to the hype?

Release date for galaxy note 3, note galaxy note is finally revealed.

Well, as in fact, you can.

The Samsung new Galaxy Note 3 is more impressive than what I expected representation. Given the recent history of the Samsung thought we were a gradual increase at best. Fortunately, I was completely wrong. Note 3 is pretty impressive.

As the prophecy foretold, the most important piece of equipment on board of the Galaxy Note is the screen. The screen has been expanded to a total of 5.7 inches. However, the rest of the unit has not grown significantly in all, stay consistent with other recent Samsung models. This means that the bezel has narrowed, and it is always safer to go to Intelligent Design thing in our book.

The Super AMOLED screen is still and Full HD 1080p resolution and with the new crop of smartphones from Samsung, while things look very colorful and powerful things in the sharpness stakes are too optimistic. In other words, it is good to look at the screen, as long as you want.

But what about the compilation of the materials? The Achilles heel on Samsung devices for eye KYM. Now, choose the supposedly discredited rumors about Samsung for a new building material, which is true, anyway. No, it's not made ​​of metal, it is made ​​of high quality polycarbonate and its not carbon fiber.

Samsung has the question "Notepad " reduced with a leatherette back. It is soft to the touch and has stitching around the edge. Of course , if Apple released iOS skeumorphism Samsung is on the road and into a whole new way.

But fear not vegan, I'm sure, informed by an assistant is not made ​​of real leather, which is synthetic and seemingly dry.

Looks like I 'll take the mick , but in reality it is an improvement. I 'm going to take this plastic sliding Samsung more at a time. And as always, the same as the current structure is sturdy enough not to bend or give an impression of strength and hand.

The circumstances in which is very clean and tidy, although he very well balanced, though thin, Samsung a wide range of interchangeable colored back panels, covers, and accessories ready for you to go nuts with. There's even one with a window .

In his business as usual, before the performance, both in terms of how Samsung has optimized the user interface and developed a good way to implement Android on Qualcomm chips. Everything is smooth and silky, as required by 800 quad- core Snapdragon chips.

You can get an idea of the capabilities and features eight minutes, the window is under the Samsung new Galaxy Note 3, and I was lucky enough to get a tour of a specialist unit of Samsung products.

Included in the summary is a look at the ability of the Galaxy Note to bring 3 applications quickly with windows, improved multi-tasking and how the device can store, search, and retrieval of information by the album function.

Another thing I like is that the control function of the air. Despite the ridiculous name , which is the remote control of an aircraft carrier similar gestures in the air show a radial wheel controls suggests several funcions S-Pen, only passing through the stylus and press the button. Works very well and I like to see more features like this in future releases.

So, this looks like a winner for Samsung, which has managed to distill fresh fine on the Galaxy Note number of things, improving the design and the design and construction usually something much more polished. I reserve judgment on the intricacies of how the camera, the S-Pen and the other for the full review, but so much color makes me happy.
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