Top PS4 and Xbox 720 features That No One Talks

Five top playstashion 4 and Xbox killer features that no one talks about it

The integration of cloud gaming tablet and were repeatedly touted as savior of the playstashion 4 and xbox7 20. While both have great potential to develop the environment of game-play. There are many other important functions of PS4 and Xbox one has planned not to praise those.
Playstation home, playstashion 4 and Xbox killer features

If it matters, the features like video sharing, the suspension of the game, and hard drives much greater impact on the players requirement. Touch screens and server racks are nice, but there are many more reasons why you should be excited for the next generation of consoles.

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For months we have learned that the PS4 and xbox7 20 one presented in the exchange of video games, but only recently have more concrete details come to light on their top features. Both platforms are automatically enrolled into the game in the background, but apparently there is a substantial difference in the size of the buffer. Euro Gamer reports that the Xbox keep just five minutes of video in your memory, but the playstashion 4 supposedly keep up fifteen minutes.

Regardless of the details of the specific implementation, the functionality of video sharing will make a big difference to the players. With the rise of flow game Twitch and the explosive growth of "Let's play" communities on the web, it is very clear that console gamers an easy way to share videos of the game. Fortunately, Sony and Microsoft are playing with the requirements of consumers. Built with French and dedicated compression buttons, new consoles from the ground up for the social gaming beyond the traditional paradigm of multiplayer.


After most of the decade was ever made with some slow consoles of playstation home, the speed is clearly at the top of everyone's mind. With a low-power standby mode, the next generation of consoles actually instant-on machine. With a quick and simple voice command button, you can use the console almost immediately. However, the speed of development is lower than the start time.

With the "one-match ban," a game that can be frozen in place, go surf the Internet, chat with friends, take a nap, and jump back to where it was, without a wait on the loading saved game. Not even wait for the game until the download is complete to start playing with platforms of modern digital distribution. Even something as simple as the Board of Directors of the much improved user interface to Xbox 360 interface very lazy.

Audio Chat

The Xbox 360 comes standard with an audio headset and chat quickly became a staple of Xbox Live. Unfortunately the PS3 does not come with a helmet, it is rare that the other player to listen to the PS3. Interestingly, the situation took a turn this generation. The playstation home will come with a wired headset, but the Xbox will be built into the Kinect microphone for voice chat. It remains to be seen whether Microsoft will be able to offer, in terms of voice quality on the new hardware.

Sony, like Microsoft, are also charged for the online multiplayer mode this time. With a little luck, it is also high-end features like the large ski cat playing on the PlayStation Network. Honestly, playstashion 4 desperately need a group chat function between private parties in order to remain competitive with xbox7 20 Live. Now we have to pay to play, Sony can not simply rest on its laurels.

Remote Play

Sony is no stranger to distance functions. The PS3 has a limited ability to connect to the PSP and PS Vita and the flow of a small number of full versions of the console on the fly. This generation is streaming Vita Sony PS4 A fundamental part of the frame, and with few exceptions, will require that all PS4 games to work out of the box on the Vita.
Now that the Remote Play function is implemented throughout the system, the Vita is quite respectable to the point of buying a $ 249 price. For all intents and purposes, the Vita playstation home laptop that can play all the games, as you have Internet access. Assuming that you have a number of excellent exclusive titles also available, the Vita is much more convincing than the Nvidia sign $. 349

Required mandatory hard drive

When the Xbox 360 first in two versions, the cheapest model without a hard drive. It is almost eight years, and Microsoft is still selling a version of the Xbox 360 with 4 GB of internal memory negligible - not even the size of a single layer DVD. This leaves the game developers can not count on a reliable access to space on the hard drive, so we stayed with load times below normal. Luckily, we will not have to ask this problem in the future.

Both come with a PS4 and Xbox 500 GB internal hard drive and high-speed USB 3.0 ports for easy expansion. Not only the games can begin to expand the overall size of these spacious units, but developers can now benefit from faster loading times generally offer than hard drives. With the potential of games shipping 50GB Blu-ray discs, reducing load times much more bearable.
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