Add Multiple Facebook Photo Album Contributor

Add Multiple contributor for your Facebook photo album

Facebook today announced a new feature called Shared album. Allows users to allow other users to add photos to their albums.

Try an album to open on your Facebook account and you will get a new message, which allows an album together shared to other users that is shared albums.

Facebook new feature to add users in online photo album

New option to share albums on Facebook

By clicking editing options, users can easily add their friends to share the list of albums. This allows users to add new users and contributors to the album.

Every new Facebook photo contributor of the album has a limit of 200 photos that can be uploaded to an album. Currently this option is only work with personal profiles and not shared with slices of Facebook pages. This will probably change soon.

This feature is a good addition and will probably end up using a lot of people to celebrate birthdays or holidays with friends. Could make life difficult for services that were already in force, that several friends share their photos in a single data stream as LiveShare.

Recommended Tips for shared album

Add participants to an album can be a great way many original event or holiday with friends in one place photos. But do not forget to keep an eye on the privacy settings of the album. If the album is public, will complement these photos to friends and the public.

In addition to controlling you can also help you choose the option of removing friends as contributors of your Facebook photo album.
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