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Android Tricks and Secrets. Android is the most widely used mobile platform in the world, with 79 percent of the global smartphone market. Why it is so different and popular? It offers a variety of exclusive features for Google Swype typing to Google now, also offer best budget android phone and when it comes to applications, just to get on Google Play. So there are many things to know that the platform provides users really. Read on to learn more about 10 hidden tricks that can be found on your Android device compiled by Information Week for the upcoming android phones.

Upcoming android phones and their secrets tips for future android phones

So, here are the top 10 hidden tricks of android phones, android best tricks.

1 Saves the data

Airtel is bringing 4G to India soon. Telecom companies are offering great deals on 3G data. While the use of 3G and 4G services may sound good, draining battery sized units. Services are also irregular, you can get it in the designated areas. The trick to conserve the battery is hidden in a separate unit, with the use of 2G networks and in the absence of 3G network, or if it is not in use. To change the network, only to go to Settings> Mobile networks> Network mode and the only CDMA mobile phone (3G) or LTE / CDMA (4G).

2 Expands your vocabulary

There are times when you enter the whole word, because it does not have to be presented in full auto suggestions. This often happens when you try to write complex words or dialect. All you have to do is press and hold the text field, and the word is automatically added to the dictionary.

3 In case of theft or stolen of mobile phone

Google comes with its own version of the iOS "Find My Phone" app. And then there are a number of applications such as the TrustGo help you find your phone if lost can. But before that, you may have a value on the machine that shows your name, email address, phone number, or other information from the lock screen to place. So when the form on your mobile phone proves to be a good Samaritan, a person may be able to recover data from the lock screen itself. Under Settings, select Security> Screen> Owner Information. can you provide your name, e-mail address, enter phone number or other information that appears on the screen lock.

4 Text Auto Reply

If you are busy and may not get a call in the situation, and you do not want to hang up, because it could be considered rude, just define a default message that you can help in this difficult situation. With Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or a newer version, you can reject a call to send a custom text message to the caller.

To personalize your autoresponder texts,> phone go to Settings> answers quickly. Click to change to one of the pre-written answers. When the phone rings, drag the circle until the message icon and release.

5 Quick Picture image preview

Check the photo just click on Android is easy. By clicking on a photo, press the lower right corner of the camera app to view your most recent, then swipe left and right to see photo images. For a quicker, pushes inward to aligned to see the images, such as a film strip. Push to remove all unauthorized photos.

6 Monitor data usage

It is crucial to monitor the use of the data, because if you do not have data plan, download your mobile money out. Go to Settings> Data use to see how much data each of its applications is the use. You can warn your phone if you have a large number of data usage and approach to fully stop when you reach a certain limit. If you are using older versions of Android as Froyo, Gingerbread and Honeycomb, you can get the same functionality by installing an app called Onavo Count Google Store.

7 Collect or capture the screen shots

If you want to screenshot something interesting I found while browsing or confirmation of payment of bills online use, simply hold down the power button and volume button at the same time lower. The screenshot is automatically saved in Gallery.

8 The new speed dial feature

Android allows you to icons for your most important contacts and to create them. Onto your home screen for easy access To do this, press and hold an empty spot on your home screen until a menu. To Shortcuts> Contact and scroll through the contacts until you find the person you want to add.

9 Files on the go with android

You can use your Android device as a portable hard disk. Storage Mode Connection Android phone to a computer with a USB cable. This allows you to exchange files between your phone and your computer and take your files with you on the road.

10 Create an offline map

To create map online, you can use Google Maps for Android and showing the desired map on the screen. Here you will find a button "Make this map area available offline" to simplify the process. The estimated size field is displayed on the map says. If it is too large, you will be prompted to select a smaller area. You can save six maps on your device. So, here was some Android Tricks and Secrets in Android Tricks 2013 collection. Visit again for the new updates about the upcoming android phones.
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