How To Backup Blogger and Google+ Posts Takeout

 How to blog, Easy Backup Blogger blog posts and Google+ page with Takeout

Google Takeout is a new and amazing service that allows you to archive and back-up all data in a particular service offered by Google to be stored. For example, you can save more all your Picassa, contacts, documents in Google Drive, a list of feeds in Google Reader. Now this web service has feature to add Google+ pages and Blogger (Blogspot)  post services to be stored on takeout, their data can be archived or downloaded and stored locally added to google backup.

How to download and backup Google Blogger hosted blogs posts

   This is a very good service of Google because it is most seen that many of the Google hosted blogs gets deleted by the Google anti spam bot or if any one goes out of Blogger TOS. So in order to save your hard work on hosting blogs, it is necessary to back up your blogger blogs and know how to blog. So i think Takeout is great for bloggers for google backup.

How to download and backup Google Blogger hosted blogs posts

Access to your Google Account for downloading and archiving of data use.
Then find the landing page to get to Google services and click the web hosting service that is blogger. currently you can only backup blogger web hosting blogs.

Select Blogger and select pages from the list and click Create.
A. downloaded zip that will contain the Atom feed format. Files.
Google Takeout will be very useful in the future, if you want Google+ circles and supporters of a transfer to another account.

what do you think of this Google new service of google backup.

Link Google Takeout.
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