Fesds Warns PC Users To Disable Java For Security

Feds are warning PC users to disable Java because of the security hole

Java programming language enables developers use a set of code to be executed on most PCs.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is calling for computer users to deactivate or remove the Java programming language due to a severe security issue.

Java programming language enables developers use a set of code to be executed on most PCs.

The fault in Java 7 "can enable a remote, unauthenticated attacker to run arbitrary code onto a vulnerable system," according to an alert published Thursday by the Emergency Response Team Computing U.S. (CERT).

Hundred of millions of consumers and companies can be affected.

Hackers might operate vulnerabilities to install malicious software and form of malware which could cause users vulnerable of identity theft or authorize its computers to be exploited by the "botnets" can block the networks, or be used to strike websites, thus imposing a major computer security issue.

"Please be aware that applications utilizing Internet Explorer components for obtaining Web content, such as Microsoft Office and Windows Desktop Search can also to be used as an attack vector to this vulnerability," the caveat added.

DHS said it is "currently there is a practical solution to this problem."
Java been developed by Sun Micro systems that Oracle acquired in 2010. There is no suggestion when one security patch might be available, and Oracle had no immediate comment on a Friday night, said Reuters.

Java enables programmers to write software using a single set of code to be executed on nearly any computer PC.

MacRumors informs that Apple has already deactivated the 7 Java plug-in installed on Mac.

ZD Net informed for the first time named zero-day vulnerability. In monitoring, he showed how the fault could be operated.

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