Apple Iphone 5 Review-Who Should Buy

Who should buy an iPhone 5?

Now that the excitement of the new iPhone 5 has probably solved, it is time to ask the most important question. If you get an iPhone 5?

Smartphones often a new incremental model every year, but not everyone buys a new phone every year. I personally average every 2.5 years. I talked to some iPhone fans and critics, and came with a brief analysis of what really should go ahead and buy one.

Who should buy the iPhone 5:

The current owners of the iPhone

iPhone 5 has a bigger screen and a faster processor. The figures are very good, but not quite an update to make way for his iPhone 4S from previous version.

    If you have an iPhone 4 or earlier, then switch to an iPhone 5 is a great idea. The phone will be a great improvement in your current phone model.

    If you're a fan of the iPhone and do not miss an update, then you should go ahead and get an iPhone 5 Chances are you already pre-ordered.

No iPhone owners

It's a bit complicated because many Android phones have really reached iPhones. Jelly Bean Android (4.1) version of the operating system is often seen as more advanced than Apple's iOS cited the sixth

    Although Android 4.1 is as good as iOS 6, if not better, it's a big problem of fragmentation. If you have an Android phone and are waiting for the latest versions of the operating system tired with your phone (usually at least 4-6 months too late), then opt for an iPhone 5 is an excellent idea.
    If you. A Blackberry or Nokia, but we want to go touch phone market with a large application Then chances are that you want to upgrade to the iPhone 5.

Who should not buy the iPhone 5:

The current owners of the iPhone

    If you have an iPhone 4S, you can not find exactly the iPhone 5 update very exciting. IOS6 the new version with improved SIRI version already for 4S.
    The iPhone 5 is an expensive device. In India, it should cost about $ 44,000. The most popular smartphones from other companies at least 10% to 15% cheaper.

No iPhone owners

Android users, which is really into customizing things on their mobile phones, using the phone as a drive time is not wise to have an iPhone 5, the. In a very closed system
    If you are big fans of the Android ecosystem, Nokia or BlackBerry, it's better to avoid the iPhone 5.
I personally do not believe that the magic. In iPhone 5 compared to its previous versions I found a great mobile phone iPhone 5, but not exactly an attractive device. So you have to decide for yourself and see if you find the phone and convincing application ecosystem. Buying a smartphone a lot of money, so make sure you buy something that you regret later.
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