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Online Tool share photos online and download Facebook Albums ZIP

Share Photos Online. I like uploading images on my Facebook account. One could upload photos from mobile phones, laptops and tablets. I like storing all my Facebook albums on my laptop from time to time. I do that in case I decide to delete the album on Facebook or even my Facebook account someday. images to download to facebook.

 PhotoLive Online Tool Download and share photos online

There are many software and online tools that allow downloading photos from Facebook albums but I found GetPhotoLive the most simplest tool to download albums on your computer. download your facebook pictures.

It works via a bookmarklet, which means it works on all browsers across different platforms.

Once you have the bookmarklet on your browser, login to your Facebook account and look up any album you have access to.
Click on the bookmarklet and new options show up, that allow you to download the images in a .zip file. online photos.  You can also track your facebook account with Facebook Profile Tracker

Download the Zip file and unzip it on your computer. It could also be used as a way to back-up your photos. (Check these tools to open Zip Files) What I liked about Photo Live is that it does not need users to share Facebook credentials with third-party users.

If you want to download all information from your Facebook account then check this article.
Do you use any other method to Share Photos Online or back up your Facebook photos? Do drop in your comments.

Link: PhotoLive
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