Saving images from Facebook to BlackBerry Without App

Saving images from facebook  

 Facebook for BlackBerry, a technologically not so excellent program with some bugs and many losing functions but still large numbers of people are using it as they are using BlackBerry gadgets and they do not have any other choice. Of course they can use cellular technique for opening Facebook or myspace but Facebook for BlackBerry is a better choice.
A very important function which is losing in this program is that you cannot spend less an picture from Facebook. Think that your buddy downloaded your photo and you want to use it as your account photo then you have to take a Monitor shot of that pic and then publish it as account pic. But this is a excellent choice of keeping images from Facebook or myspace using Facebook or fb for BlackBerry, we must see how you can do this blackberry appworld for saving images from facebook.

How to send images from Facebook or fb for BlackBerry:

Open Facebook for Rim program on your BlackBerry cellular phone.
Now start any photo you want to save on your device.
Press BlackBerry/options key, from the list choose ‘Set As Home Display Image’. Please please take be aware that this will modify your Homescreen background, keep in mind to modify it again to the previous one.

      ScreenShot 2012 01 03 05 48 00 by s4bb How to save images from Facebook for BlackBerry [Without App]

Finally start your system images to see that pic. It will be instantly stored there once you use it as your background.

Use this way to save images and you do not have to use any programs for taking screenshots and use images with watermarks on them for saving images from facebook.
{The BlackBerry and RIM family members of relevant represents, images and signs are the unique qualities and images of Analysis In Movement Restricted.}
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