How To Listen Music Synchronously With Your Facebook Friends

Listen  Music Synchronously With Your Facebook

Facebook just come up with a really cool new feature with music streaming sites. Now It will allow Facebook friends to listen to synchronously played music. listen to music of We can not say it mere a sharing but actually sharing the same song and listening to it at the same time can listen to music with spot ify.

This amazing feature will be available to all the facebook users with in a couple days and it is believed a very decent step from facebook to gain more popularty. So if you have a friend who is online and listening to a song, you can see a music icon next to their profile photo and you can listen that song too.

spot ify, if you have some friends in your chat list. when you will check your friend, a new window will show up. Click on ‘Listen with’ button to listen to the same music your friend is listening.
If multiple friends join the conversation, all of them can chat and discuss the song as it plays for everyone online from music streaming sites.

As a lot of people like to listen to online music and check Facebook with their internet enabled smartphones, this could be a really catchy feature. Hopefully Facebook will make this feature bug free and easy to use.

I think we might see a similar feature for videos very soon, which might be an even better experience of spot ify. Imagine watching a movie while sharing a conversation with your Facebook friends search listen music.

Would you find this feature music streaming sites interesting? Do drop in your comments.

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